What do our fish eat?

What's in our feed?

People are increasingly concerned about what makes up the food they eat. They want to know their food is safe to eat and responsibly sourced.

We seek to integrate sustainability throughout our production chain, starting with our barramundi's food. Selecting the right float (fish food) to feed our fish means ensuring the producer of our feed shares our commitment to the environment. We feed our barramundi a selected Marine Float diet produced by Ridley. Ridley has invested in Global Gap and FeedSafe accreditation for their Narangba (Queensland) mill. These standards demand an ethical, safe and sustainable supply of raw materials, stringent traceability measures and regular auditing by independent third parties. This provides us with full assurance that our feed is the safe and ethical choice for Humpty Doo Barramundi.

We believe the question should be "What's NOT in our feed?"

No antibiotics, no hormones, no artificial growth promoters, for a start.

What's in our feed?

Whats NOT in our feed?

Food to weight ratio

Contact Ridley for more information about their production of safe and sustainable barramundi feed.