Working at Humpty Doo Barramundi

So you'd like to come and work with us?

Working on an aquaculture farm is very dynamic and employees participate in a wide range of activities. Almost every task requires some level of training so we aim to employ people who have a genuine interest in aquaculture and are seeking to gain long term, stable employment.

Things to consider before you apply to work with us at Humpty Doo Baramundi:

HDB Fish Nursery

1. Do you like working outdoors?
2. Are you fit, healthy and strong?
3. Do you enjoy work that is physically demanding?
4. Are you the sort of person who likes challenges and problem solving?
5. Do you like working in, with and around water?
6. Do you like diversity in the workplace?
7. Do you like working with people from a diverse range of backgrounds and cultures?
8. Do you have a positive "Can Do" attitude?
9. Are you relaxed working in an environment where you may be exposed to heat, insects and native wildlife?
10. Do you like working with fish?

If you answered “No” to any of these questions then working in our business may not be suitable for you.