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Barramundi is an iconic Australian fish and has been an important part of Australians' diet for thousands of years. We aim to ensure that Australians can continue to eat this uniquely-Australian fish well into the future.

Our saltwater grown premium barramundi is of superb eating quality. A thin layer of fat under the skin makes it ideal for crisp skin cooking. 


Our premium saltwater-grown barramundi offers many benefits to wholesalers, retailers and consumers. Grown in its natural environment, we are able to consistently supply premium Australian saltwater barramundi year-round, without being restricted to the seasons. In addition, over 24 years of research, development (and a healthy dose of trial and error!) means you can have the confidence to partner with us to provide consistent quality and supply of Australian salt water barramundi around the country.

Humpty Doo Barramundi can provide fish from 300g to 5kg to meet your specifications, giving you a complete barramundi supply solution, all year round.

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Eat more fish! The benefits of Australian-grown barramundi

Australians should eat more fish. According to the Australia's leading health research body, the National Health and Medical Research Council, fish is nutritious, providing energy (kilojoules), protein, selenium, zinc, iodine and vitamins A and D. Fish is also an excellent source of readily available long-chain omega-3 fatty acids, which are well known for their health benefits and are essential for life.

Barramundi was listed in Australia's Top 10 Seafoods in 2013 compiled by the Fisheries Research and Development Council (FRDC). The FRDC said Australian-grown barramundi could be enjoyed "guilt-free" because Australian aquaculture "is a sustainable activity with proper management and processes in place". In addition, Australian farmed barramundi is a good source of omega-3 acids (anti-inflammatory), phosphorous (protects the blood's acid balance and transports energy) and selenium (an anti-oxidant, for thyroid health and immune system). Source-Super Seafood, nutritional values of Australian seafood as determined by the Australian Seafood Cooperative Research Centre:

When you buy Australian-grown barramundi, you are providing Australians with employment and essential skills, while supporting some of the strictest environmental legislations around sustainable farming in the world. These regulations have been created in conjunction with, and supported by, farmers who love where they live, love what they do, and are doing their best to pass on a sustainable industry to the next generation.

Australian products = Australian futures