Where does your barra come from?

Do consumers have a right to know where the fish they eat comes from?

A fish must be labelled with its country of origin if it’s purchased fresh from a retailer or supermarket. However, if you purchase that fish cooked or pre- prepared, there is no requirement to tell the consumer where that fish came from. 

Does it really matter? Actually, yes, it does. After freshness, consumers have said they want to know where the seafood they eat comes from. Now more than ever, people want to be confident that the seafood they eat is safe, clean and sustainable. Consumers choose Australian-grown or caught fish for all these reasons, and that the Australian seafood industry provides jobs in Australia. More info here.

 The Northern Territory hospitality industry recognised this early on, and supports this legislation being rolled out across Australia. All seafood sold in the Northern Territory must be labelled with its country of origin.

 Our Members of Parliament are considering if ALL seafood sold in Australia, whether it is sold cooked, pre-prepared or fresh, should be labelled with its country of origin. In late 2014, the Commonwealth Government’s Senate, Rural and Regional Affairs and Transport References Committee Report: Labelling of seafood and seafood products made one recommendation:

 3.63 The committee recommends that the exemption regarding country of origin labelling under Standard 1.2.11 of the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code for cooked or preprepared seafood sold by the food services sector be removed, subject to a transition period of no more than 12 months.

Humpty Doo Barramundi supports the National Seafood Industry Alliance request that our Members of Parliament support the one and only recommendation of the  Register your support for the Senate Committee’s recommendation on the on-line petition at www.seafoodforaustralia.com.au