Record demand for Australian barra this Easter

The biggest harvest in 25 years proves that Australians want quality, locally farmed sustainable seafood, and they want to know where it comes from.

Humpty Doo Barramundi’s Easter harvest reached a record 37,031 (70 tonnes!) of saltwater barramundi last week. Traditionally Christmas and Easter are the busiest times of the year for seafood.

At Humpty Doo Barramundi our fingerlings, or baby barramundi, are sourced from several Australian barramundi hatcheries and spend their entire lives in Australian waters. Consumers can be assured that Humpty Doo Barramundi is safe and healthy to eat, while providing jobs in Australia.

Australian barramundi is in demand as consumers are increasingly concerned about the source of their seafood. Produced in clean waters, grown under some of the world’s strictest environmental legislation, people can be assured that Australian barramundi is healthy and well cared for.

Approximately 60% of ‘barramundi’ eaten in Australia is imported. As country of origin labelling is not mandatory outside of the Northern Territory in Australia, people may consume imported product while assuming it is Australian. Purchasing Australian barramundi means supporting Australian industry, jobs, and environmentally sustainable aquaculture.

The Australian barramundi aquaculture industry is valued at approximately $35M, providing employment for more than 5000 people in predominantly rural and regional areas. (ABARES Dec 2017

Many of our farms are located in pristine settings so farmers take great care to protect their immediate environment. In 2014, the Australian Barramundi Farmers Association introduced the Australian Sustainably Farmed Barramundi certification, providing encouragement and recognition to sustainable Australian barramundi farmers. More information here.

We are proud of our great team. They have achieved this record harvest after being battered by Cyclone Marcus, and record flooding earlier in the year which saw our barramundi being airlifted by helicopter to maintain continuous supply to our customers.