Helping our hospitality industry in need

The social distancing measures introduced to protect Australians' health has had dire consequences for the hospitaltiy industry which was one of the first, and hardest, industries hit. Tens of thousands of people were unemployed literally overnight when restaurants were closed. While many restaurants and seafood woholesalers were able to pivot their business models and broaden their markets, many people were still left without an income.

We have been proud to team up with organisations around the country to contribute to the industry which is a large part of our livelihood, and whom we count on as friends.

In Victoria, Clamms Seafood, Chefs Pete Hilcke, Julian Robertshaw and Ian Curley, along with many many other generous people have been coming together on Saturdays to hand out seafood hampers and hot food to the hospitality industry as part of the #helphospo initiative. Finishing this weekend, #helphospo was captured recently by Channel 7.

In Sydney we worked with Moofish to distribute our premium Barramundi to the hospitality industry through Colin Fassnidge's Banksia Bistro.

Foodbank were keen to get Australian produce into the hands (and mouths) of people in need as the number of people relying on their services for affordable food items swelled. Humpty Doo Barramundi teamed up with PFD, another Australian family company, to cut and freeze our Barramundi in a suitable format for Foodbank to distribute.

We have also recenlty teamed up with Rockpool Group who are producing meals for needy people in Melbourne and Sydney.

The economic impacts of the coronavirus are still playing out, but when you consider these are only a few examples of people stepping up where they can to help out colleagues, or even strangers, who are in desperate need, we know we'll get through this together.