Australian Barramundi Farmers Getting the Gold Tick

The Australian Barramundi Farming Association (ABFA) is rolling out its Sustainability Certification Program as part of its commitment to ensure that the farming of Barramundi in Australia is ecologically sustainable, eco-efficient and produces a quality product that is internationally competitive.

Consumers can look out for the Sustainable Barramundi Logo which is supported by recipe cards and posters when they are buying fish. It answers the question: where did this fish come from? 

The program that goes ‘Beyond Compliance’ addresses economic, social and environmental aspects of sustainability including hygiene and quality aspects of production.

Humpty Doo Barramundi Pty Ltd, the Northern Territory’s only commercial barramundi farm has been audited under the new program. 

Managing Director of Humpty Doo Barramundi, Bob Richards, says it’s an important step for the Australian Barramundi Industry to take; providing consumers with confidence that they are buying product from a farm that strives for best practice.

“On our farm we work hard to ensure that we are operating ethically, sustainably and to highest quality standards and this program provides a way for us to demonstrate and promote our hard work to the consumer,” Mr Richards said.

 “We believe that if consumers are informed about sustainable farming practices and are provided with information to differentiate product in the market, they would make the choice to buy Australian Sustainably grown product.”

 Northern Territory Minister for Primary Industry and Fisheries, Willem Westra van Holthe, congratulated Humpty Doo Barramundi on this outstanding achievement.

 “Humpy Doo Barramundi is giving local and interstate consumers certainty that the fish they consume is being produced to the highest standards of sustainability. This is an excellent achievement for our local industry and a great step forward for the national industry.”

 Humpty Doo Barramundi has been operating in the Northern Territory for 21 years and has fresh whole barramundi available every week of the year. The company employs 15 local people full time; provides casual employment to an additional 8 people and engages more than 50 local businesses to service the farm.

 “In this tight economic environment where we are a high cost producer, competing with low cost imports, it is important that we can differentiate our product” says Mr Richards, “I am sure that Territorians would support our product if they knew it was sustainably grown and available locally all year round”.

The Sustainability Certification Program has a number of key components that include, annual eco efficiency benchmarking, sustainability checklists, risk assessments annual returns and annual audits.  The program is supported by branding, recipes and consumer information.